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  •  GET SPECIFIC by Increasing the RightIncoming Leads! Are you attracting the right customers with your website and are they buyingfrom you?
  •  GET FOUND! Can the most profitable leads find your site? Do you know how to check?
  •  GET ACTION and be like the PROs! Is it obvious what actionyou want your website visitors to take and have you made sure that it's clear, consistent, and obvious on every page throughoutyour site?
  •  GET SHARED! How do you create website content so that it gets shared on social media?
  •  GET BETTER! How do you measure the successof your website?
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GET ACTION TASKS! You'll get an organized task list at the end of each chapter to quickly fix your website...
GET MOBILE! Do you know if you're site is mobile optimized? Find out why this is so important...
GET MORE! A list of resources and tools that have dramatically increased the bottom lines of businesses while reducing the amount of time and money spent on marketing.
Erica Castner Testimonial for Tampa Digital Marketing Strategist

Simplifies Digital Marketing - Erica Castner

“Sandi has the ability to take something as complex and overwhelming as Digital Marketing and simplifies all the 'moving parts'. Her teaching style helps professionals streamline their marketing priorities, as it relates to their goals.”
Erica Castner Testimonial for Tampa Digital Marketing Strategist

Listens and Takes Time - Felice Gerwitz

“Sandi is one of those rare people who listen and get it right. She is helpful in making connections and in explaining the big picture. I've owned websites for over two decades and she explained things no one else ever took the time to help me with. I highly recommend her services.”
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